The Maiar Goddesses Lore



Low-grade Goddesses

Wood Elves


With skin the color of a deer, tunics sewn from leaves, and brown hair, the Wood Elves Goddesses could make themselves invisible in the forest.  Hunters and trackers to rival Haleya’s folk, they had incredible stamina and could run for hours without tiring.   Most of them lived three days south of Nammovalle in an area known as Elwarre.

Low-grade Goddesses’ sorcery was the weakest of any tribe.  Very few could draw more from the Spires beyond what they needed for daily chores, but the earth song sang loudly to them.  Quite a few were priestesses; others were Earthmages with gifts of healing, woodcraft, or animal lore, and some, with more powerful, singular gifts.  They revered all gods of nature, especially Aerdran the Thunderer and his sister Lillandra, Humak the Beast Lord, and Shamran, Lord of the Forest.  Feldyrra, their high priestess, tended their Stones, which were in a cave behind a waterfall.

The Maiar Goddesses of Wood Elves had long brown hair and bright blue eyes. They wore a shirt of silver chain mail under a vest of oak leaves and carried a spear, made from one of Elwarre’s branches.  As Goddesses, they had more talent than many Wood Elven sorcerers born later. The forest was them to command.

Mid-grade Goddesses

Grey Elves

Madris Eillynn

  When I say Elf, you picture a Grey Elf, whether you realize it or not.  The Grey Elves Goddesses were the prototypical tribe, closest to Elves of your legends and fiction.  Fair-skinned, blue-eyed, with blue or silver hair and standing six and a half feet tall or more, Nammoran’s people were oh so pretty, slender and graceful, strong and fleet of foot. 

As strong as they were in sorcery, the Grey Elves Goddesses were also gifted in earth song. They counted many Earthmages among their number and nearly one in four could channel, not nearly as many as the Ravirs, but more than other Elf tribes or most Elder Races. 

It must be hard for you, who never felt the touch of the Three Suns, to imagine Nammoran’s splendor back then, when the world was still young and he wielded power like unto a god’s. Madris Eillynn was Queen of the Grey Elves and the greatest of all the Firstborn.  Her face was young and wise beyond its years.  Unchecked, his aura burned like Arra, warm and soothing to troubled hearts.  His voice could calm your deepest fears and it’s said that his gaze could lay open your soul. 


High-grade Goddesses

White Elves


Light Elves worshipped the Light of Heaven and awaited the day of their rebirth.  They lived in Alyrre, a secluded vale located in northern Elvetur not far from Jahar.  Compared to the other tribes, the Light Elves were a bit short-handed when it came to priestesses, but they did have Earthmages to spare, mostly gifted with powers of prescience and prophesy.

The most reclusive tribe, Light Elves had little discourse with other tribes, preferring to spend their days in solitude praying for the day of their rebirth.  A spiritual people with expertise in divinations, they were astrologers and studied Esel’s constellations hoping to find hidden meaning in their movements.

Exceptionally tall and thin, their Goddess, Arethnal wore white linens hanging loosely about his gaunt frame.  His aura was soft and white and he had the calm look of a holy man but was no pushover.  As strong in sorcery as he was, he was equally strong in earth song.  Mankind knew them as the Faerie Queen. 

First-grade Goddesses

Light Elves
Isarrel Falamin

Isarrel Falamin

The First-grade Goddesses belong to the Light Elves Society and are the rarest of all elvenkind. They are far taller than most of their kin, with a few reaching almost eight feet in height. The average weight for a Light Elves is between 120 and 140 pounds, with little gender difference.

The First-grade Goddesses are very pale-skinned, and they have no body hair. Head hair is extraordinarily fine, always worn long, with the appearance and texture of exquisitely fine silk. The hair is silver, and the eye color is a pale, almost ice-blue. They are androgynous in appearance, making it difficult for outsiders to tell males and females apart.

Light Elves have been separated from the rest of elvenkind since mythic times. Their own history tells that they were refusing the great battle of Corellon Larethian and Lolth, fleeing the combat and taking refuge far below ground. They have no knowledge of surface elves. They know of the Goblins and hate them, avoiding them whenever possible.

Light Elves are extremely seclusive and shun the company of all other elves races. The only exception to this are White Elves, with whom Light Elves sometimes form friendships. The last known Goddess is Isarrel Falamin, the Great Goddess and Priestess of the entire race of Light Elves Society.