Kosmium is creating an all-in-one investing platform for our NFTs holders  with an initial focus on digital art.

The $KOS token are our in-house utility tokens, and it's at the heart of everything we build for you and empowers anybody to participate and buying the next NFTs collections on the Kosmium platform and facilitates key flows of value within Kosmium community. $KOS Token were first distributed on the occasion of our Kosmium Genesis Distribution on 15 March 2022. However, if you didn’t have the opportunity to support us during this event, there will be plenty of other ways you can join our journey. We value users that boost us with their interest and rewarding them is our priority. Stay tuned for opportunities to obtain a share of these rewards by staking your Maiar Goddesses NFTs !

$KOS Token Genesis Free Holders Distribution

$KOS Genesis

Genesis Distribution
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We build an ecosystem for the future, igniting Endless NFT Possibilities

For Artists
What are the benefits for an artist? Kosmium NFTs allow for new artists to create their collection, including work-in-progress images, maintain engagement with their collectors over time, deliver content gradually, distribute $KOS tokens or other community rewards, and so much more. 02 How can this help you as an artist? Having another tool at your disposal means you can tell your story in a new way. 03 What happens if my artwork doesn't sell? Leveraging your NFT as a savings account while a piece waits to find it’s owner means lossless gains and a rising price-floor over time.
For investors
An NFT that is interest bearing. With DeFi NFTs we are transforming static NFTs into robust financial vehicles; recreating the traditional finance ecosystem on the blockchain. The fusion of art and finance, lets you leverage innovative technology to redefine what it means to create, own, share, and expect from an NFT. Get more out of your NFTs — way more! ‍ You’re in charge.
Rewards Mechanism. What Is NFT Staking?
NFT staking refers to locking up your Maiar Goddesses NFT's on our platform in exchange for staking rewards ($KOS)and other benefits. Staking NFTs allows holders to earn an income from their Goddesses while maintaining ownership.
Is NFT Staking a Good Investment?
The concept of NFT staking is still in it's infancy. Understandably, liquidity is a big issue for NFTs — partly because the ecosystem is underdeveloped, and also because the majority of NFTs are purchased for the purpose of HODLing as long-term investments. Nevertheless, the hype around NFTs has piqued the interest of investors entering the crypto market for the first time who want to explore and potentially earn rewards on NFT platforms.NFT staking may not yet be as popular as cryptocurrency staking, but it has a lot of potential for growth in the near future. Staking NFTs already has a promising foundation which has produced results. Perhaps the biggest advantage of NFT staking is that you don’t need to transfer ownership or sell your NFT collection. All you really need to do is lock up your NFT's in a staking pool and earn rewards. It’s that simple!

Why choose Kosmium

KOSMIUM Token ($KOS) is a form of currency that can be used to make purchases in the Kosmium Brand merch shop or make purchases of goods and services on the KOSMIUM ecosystem. It can also be used to buy whitelist seats for all future NFT's collections, or even to buy NFTs from certain collections.
High Speeds & Low Costs
Elrond NFTs are implemented directly into the Elrond protocol and do not need a smart contract. This greatly increases transfer speed and vastly reduces the storage footprint and gas requirements, democratizing ownership.
Protect the identity, using Maiar Wallet
Maiar protects your assets and data using cutting edge encryption and verification techniques to ensure they're securely stored. In the event where your phone is lost or stolen, your private key (recovery phrase) can be safely used to recover your funds.
Yield rewards for liquidity providers
$KOS staking doubled by NFTs staking is one example of a DeFi investing strategy. It entails lending or staking your $KOS tokens or TMG NFTs in exchange for $KOS yield. You’re essentially lending funds, so it is similar to getting interest from a bank account. Several other rewards mechanisms will be introduced along the way.

Road map

Our Strategy & Project Plan

Sep 2021


  • The Kosmium Token ($KOS) Release
Nov 2021

The Maiar Goddesses

  • The Maiar Goddesses NFTs Collection Smart Contract
Dec 2021

NFT Collection sale

  • TMG NFTs Colection sale starts
Mar 2022

$KOS Token Genesis Distribution

  • $KOS Token distribution to al TMG NFTs Holders
May 2022

NFTs Staking Smart Contract

  • NFT Staking Smart Contract Release
Jul 2022

TMG Nfts Staking

  • The Maiar Goddesses NFTs Staking
Mar 2023

2nd NFT Collection

  • Epic Apes Space Club NFTs Release
Dec 2022


  • Kosmium DeFi Protocol


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